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  • Planning

    We will lead and promote our industry and work with our members to achieve sustainable growth in a competitive global environment, through the provision of world-class goods and services.Providing members with a competitive rate for processing.

  • Analysis

    The above includes special deals on merchant card services, healthcare schemes, discounts on stationery, computer hardware and software, fuel cards, telecoms, energy, commercial, finance and many other business products and services.


    We let you know about changes to regulations before they're enforced and we directly influence the authorities to deliver the best possible deal for our members. We can also call upon a number of specialist technical consultants and professionalss.


    Our business model is structured to feed profits and surplus back into the system to support and develop more technologies and projects that can, in turn, recursively continue to save and reduce ecologically green cycle and reduce the carbon foot prints.

Our News


Unified Response

When a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake...


Construcion of Workshop and Offices...

List Of Machineries

Construction Of Water Gate Structure and Spillage...

List of Suppliers

Construction Of Monsoon Drains for Pasir Mas Town...

Our Standards

alt Menang Amalgamated Sdn Bhd Commerced operation in 1984 as a partnership company with activities as Developments and marine work. In 12th September 1984, during fortht anniverssary, it was incorporated as a limited company by shared and know as Menang Amalgamated Sdn Bhd accomodated fully experienced directors and managers and is equipped with vast administration and technical background.

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